I am a DJ and I host 4 programs that are very different from each other. I love music! Music is Life! I am a contributing writer for and contributing co-editor for Guitar Girl Magazine. I have a passion for writing and photography. I enjoy cosplay and love comic books, anime, theater and video games. I enjoy traveling and new experiences. I am a leader and delegate in Girl Scouts.  I enjoy reading, knitting, writing, art, cooking/baking, and crafts.  I am an Artist/Writer/Photographer/DJ. Any questions, just ask me! Any requests, just ask me!



ROCK THEORY with Tiffini on Rock Rage on Saturday: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

The Music Collective with Tiffini - Wednesday: 12:00 pm EST -2:00 pm EST  ,  Friday:  5:00 am EST- 6:00 am EST on Party 934.

Travel Lounge with Tiffini - Monday: 11:00 pm EST - 12:00 am EST on Party 934.

Talking Kaos with Tiffini - Tuesday: 8:00 am EST- 10:00 am EST on Party 934.